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Light it Up the Right Way – Optimal Home Lighting for Healthy Living

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Life plays an important role in our lives, right from influencing the physiological functions of the body, to our mood and productivity at work, every aspect of our lives is touched by light. So, ensuring that our home is lit the right way with the right balance of ambient, task and accent lighting  is very essential, here are some tips for the same – 

  • Natural light from the ultimate source of energy, the sun, is undoubtedly the best way of lighting up the home. Keep the windows open during the day to ensure that the room is lit well during the day with sunlight. Sunlight has powerful antibacterial properties and also up-lights mood and makes one cheerful. You can complement the natural light with recessed light or down light fixed in the ceiling. They are visually appealing, light up the room efficiently and LED recessed light bulbs last for upwards of 10 years.
  • Similarly for the study room or WFH space at home the best lighting solution is natural lighting as it minimises the stress while reading and writing. Position your desk near a window to make best use of natural lighting coming into your study room. You can use LED table lamps for they offer pleasing light and are very economical too. You can also consider desk lamps with head which can be moved and positioned as per convenience at the best angle that would help study/work.  Wall Mounted Lamps And Sconces are also another option for they do not occupy space and offer good lighting.
  • Kitchen, the place where most of the meaningful conversations at home take place should be most comfortably lit, setting up the right mood for both style and functionality. Balance the cool and warm tones of lights for this. Cool tone lights are bright and  therefore ideal to use in areas that do not have access to natural light, like the place  behind cabinets or above the cooktop. Using backlights in the  kitchen shelves adds  a soft glow and highlights the shelf, a good option for wooden cabinets. Warm tones make the ambiance a bit cozy and homely, and are the perfect lighting idea during party times at home. 
  • The lighting in the bedroom should create a tranquil environment ideal for rest and relaxation. You can achieve this with layered lighting. Natural lighting with large windows or skylights,  ambient light with ceiling fixtures (like flush mount ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendant lights, etc.) or through portable and focused lighting like floor lamps, night lamps which will help you read in bed. Place a large floor mirror in the room for this reflects light and creates a sense of more space to the room, making it appear large.

Through the right combination of general lighting, spot lighting and decorative lighting you can achieve the functionality, and create a pleasing warm environment at home. Remember that a house well lit attracts positive vibes and also keeps the residents energised and in good spirits.

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